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Defohost Website Protection detects and mitigates DDoS attacks launched at websites. Only for $59 a month.

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Main Features

6 Reasons Why We Are The Bests.

Fast & Smooth

You don’t need to change hosting. Just configure your name servers so your site traffic passes through our Defohost™ first.

No Hardware Investment

We will issue an IP Address to point your DNS to. If you are not in control of your website’s DNS records, we can host it for you.

No Contracts

Sign up whenever you want, and cancel whenever you want. We don’t require you to commit to us for any amount of time.

Clean Traffic

We don’t stop an attack by blocking all incoming traffic. We filter out all of the bad traffic, and let the good traffic through.

The Best Service

We love our clients. We always want to help them no matter what.

24x7x365 Support

Our team is committed to protecting you and your business. Defohost has been a pioneer in the DDoS protection industry developing leading edge technologies for many years.